Why Did Jan Kill Tim Kono in Only Murders in the Building?

‘Only Murders in the Building’ is a comedy series that follows Charles, Mabel, OliverThey solve grisly murders inTheir apartment complex the Arconia. TheFirst season: the trio unraveling theSecrets about their neighbor Tim Kono’s death. As theAs the narrative progresses viewers discover that Tim’s killer is none other than the unassuming bassoonist Jan Bellows (Amy Ryan). IfYou are looking for a refresher on Tim’s death and Jan’s motives behind killing Tim, we’ve got you covered! HereThis is why Jan killed Tim in ‘Only Murders in the Building’ season 1! SPOILERS Ahead!

How Did Tim Kono Die?

Tim KonoIntroduced in the series premiere episode of ‘Only Murders in the Building,’ titled ‘True Crime.’ Charles, Mabel, OliverLearn more theDeath of their neighbor Tim Kono. TimIs found dead inHis apartment was damaged by a gunshot to the head and a gun inHis hand. FollowingAn investigation of the crime scene, the police declare Tim’s death a suicide. However, Charles, Mabel, OliverWe are confident that TimHe was assassinated. TheirOnly way to get there theThis is the culprit: A ring that was just delivered to you recently Tim’s apartment.

In theIn future episodes, viewers will find out. TimA childhood friend of Mabel Oscar. After theDeath of a friend Zoe, Oscaris being held, and TimDetermines to prove Oscar’s innocence. He obtains theRing that vanished Zoe’s body the night she died. However, TimBefore he can expose, he is mysteriously killed Teddy DimasHis son was also named theReal culprits in Zoe’s death. Thetrio also learns TimBefore he was shot, he was poisoned.

Why Did Jan Kill Tim Kono?

ForIt seems like season 1 is the last. Tim Konowas killed by the DimasesSo that their grave Robbery business and connection to Zoe’s death remain secret. However, in the penultimate episode, MabelFind a bassoon cleaner in the group Tim’s belongings. ThusShe figures that TimWas romantically involved with Jan Bellows, theresident of apartment 6A. JanIs dating possible? Charles, theTwo become closer throughout the year the season. However, CharlesSoon, we will learn that JanHe lies to him and hides something.

Why Did Jan Kill Tim Kono in Only Murders in the Building?
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In the season 1 finale, titled ‘Open Shut,’ JanAttempts to kill Charles. However, he foils Jan’s attempt and uncovers theTruth about Tim Kono’s death. JanShe reveals that she is Tim were inA serious relationship with someone you love. However, after some time, TimI began to ignore her, and I started to act secretively. In reality, TimWas trying to buy the ring worn by ZoeFrom a black market dealer. Given Jan’s psychological condition due to her previous partners always prioritizing something else over her, JanDisgruntled with TimThey split up. However, at theAt the same moment, JanLearn more theRing and assume that there is another person in Tim’s life. ThereforeShe decides that she will kill Tim.

A flashback shows what actually happened theNight of Tim’s death. JanCalled TimTo her apartment below theHe claimed to be returning some of his stuff. SheCoaxed TimShe drank with her and poisoned her. Later, Jan triggered theFire alarms and their use theShooting opportunities Tim inHis apartment. Thus, JanMade Tim’s death look like a suicide. However, in reality, Jan killed TimAs a result of theThe fallout from theTheir relationship fails to work. Jan’s actions strongly hint that she has psychological issues as she attempts to kill CharlesAfter feeling that he had treated her similarly, Tim. Ultimately, CharlesRecords Jan’s confession, and she is arrested for her crimes.

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