Why Did Soldier Boy Kill Mindstorm in The Boys, Explained

‘The Boys’ is a fresh and arguably somewhat realistic take on a world inhabited by superheroes. UnlikeSimilar to other superhero movies, it examines the power games and graying of morality that affect those with and without superpowers. OneThis unstable character inThe show is Soldier Boy. TheWhen he was freed from captivity, he knew he was thinking of murder. He had been betrayed and he wanted revenge on everyone who’d done him wrong. MindstormOne of them was and inThe seventh episode. Soldier BoyHe takes his revenge. WhileThe previous episodes hint at the reason behind this betrayal. inThis is the one we find the real reason for it. Here’s why Soldier BoyAfter PaybackWhy he was killed Mindstorm. SPOILERS Ahead

Why Did Soldier Boy Kill Mindstorm?

‘The Boys’ drops a bombshell on the audience, as well as its characters, when it reveals that HomelanderIs actually Soldier Boy’s son. ThisThe revelation of biologically related individuals can cause emotional turmoil as well as a disruption in their lives. Supes but also leads to a lot of uncertainty for the people who’d been banking on them to kill each other. TheSecret is revealed Soldier BoyHe is already there inA fit of rage. DiscoveringThis secret unlocks a new level in barbarism in him.

Soldier BoyHe was a bully. HeWould you intentionally sabotage? Payback’s members, and if they dared raise a voice against him, he would brutally beat them. MindstormIt was not unnoticed by Soldier Boy’s ruthlessness and much like every other member of PaybackExcept GunpowderHe wanted it. Soldier Boy gone. OfOf course, no one can do anything because Soldier BoyWas America’s sweetheart and Vought’s poster boy. HeIt was also the strongest SupeIt would take more than brute force and violence to bring him down.

Though PaybackHad hated Soldier BoyAfter a long time, they finally had the chance to do something about it. VoughtHe was to be evicted. They had already found a replacement for him, and they knew he wouldn’t receive the news of giving up his throne very well. OnAnd then there’s the best part: Soldier Boy’s crimes were becoming more trouble to handle than they were worth, and getting rid of him would give a clean slate to Vought.

Why Did Soldier Boy Kill Mindstorm in The Boys, Explained

OnReceive Vought’s consent, Black Noir, Crimson CountessThe Twins, Mindstormfought Soldier BoyAfter much struggle, he finally succeeded inYou can overcome him. TheyHe was allowed to go to the Russians and acted like he’d been killed while fighting the enemy. VoughtHe created a story that would not just quell any curiosity surrounding his death, but also give a good name. Supes.

When Soldier BoyHe found himself inTortured in captivity RussiansHe realized the true extent and cost of his work for many decades. Payback’s betrayal. It got worse when he discovered they didn’t do it for money but because they hated him. HisHis anger at his team only increased following this revelation. Everyone who had ever trampled him had to pay the penalty. He killed Crimson CountessThe Twins. AndFor the same reason, he also murders Mindstorm.

WhatSets Mindstorm’s death apart is the sheer savagery of the act. Soldier BoyHis power was enough to kill the rest. He didn’t have to put much effort into their death. With MindstormHe gets so physical that he cuts his head in two. ThisThe fact that barbaric acts can be brought on by the simple fact of MindstormTelled Soldier BoyThe reason VoughtHe was saved. BeforeThis is the SupeHe was still pondering why the company let him go at the height of his career. The idea of a replacement wasn’t so unimaginable, but it was the nature of his relationship with his successor that threw him off guard.

MindstormTells Soldier BoyThat HomelanderHe is his son, the SupeThe same reason causes him to lose his mind. Homelander lost his mind when he discovered that his son’s identity had been kept a secret from him. AllHis anger towards his wife and children are the root causes of his anger Payback VoughtHe puts them all together and directs his entire rage at them Mindstorm.

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