Why Does Ben Call Devi David in Never Have I Ever?

Netflix’s ‘Never Have I Ever’ follows the turbulent love life of an American-IndianNamed teenager Devi Vishwakumar. WhileThe story begins with her crush. Paxton, the most adored boy in school, she, soon, finds herself inThe middle of a love triangular when her sworn enemy becomes her enemy BenIt’s a wonderful turn for the best and it turns into a romantic prospect. TheAdds third season DesAnother possible boyfriend inThe mix, each with his own set perks and challenges.

WithThree boys were her love interests. DeviEach of them will give you a nickname. While PaxtonKeep calling her by her surname Vishwakumar, BenGo inA completely new direction. HeCall her David. If you’ve been wondering by BenCalls Devi, a girl, with a name that is certainly a boy’s, we’ve got you covered. Here’s all you need to know about the origins of the nickname.

Why Does Ben Call Devi David?


Ben Devi’s relationship starts off as cut-throat rivals. BothMany of them are academically gifted, and have been competing to get the highest grade. inThe class was held for a very long period of time. TheyThey often resort to teasing one another, especially when it involves their names or their popularity. inThe school. InThe first season. Ben, who’d been dating ShiraAt the time, nicknames were used DeviAnd her friends Eleanor FabiolaThe U.N. (un-effable hackers). ThisHe uses this method to get under their skins and rat them down.

For DeviHe takes the teasing one step further and calls her “Here!” David. Though inIt becomes a term of endearment in the later seasons. Ben’s feelings for DeviIt is annoying at first, borderline racist if not completely. He twists her name, which he can actually pronounce very well, and turns it into a westernized version, which is something that people with “complicated” names have to deal with. ButThis intended-to be insult goes beyond that.

Ben Devi’s animosity often stretches to the point where they start teasing each other for their appearances. InOne scene BenTeases DeviShe has a mustache which makes her appear like a man. This is also the reason that he turns the girl’s name into a boy’s, making her feel bad about the way she looks. Only, DeviShe isn’t the one to doubt her self on the words of fellow geeks, and she responds by saying that she can at least grow a mustache. ThisIt is insulting BenHe is still there, even though he doesn’t know it. in his later teen years now, he still can’t grow a mustache, which is usually the sign of growing up and crossing into adulthood.

ItIt’s also interesting that BenStop calling her DavidWhen they begin dating, or when she is actually concerned about him. DueBecause of the volatile nature their relationship, things can often get out of control. One may get mad at the other and they will revert back to insulting and name calling each other. ItIs inThese are the times again BenCall her David. By now, however, DeviShe is now able to be bothered by what she wants. BenCall her and take it inShe took it all in stride and hurled an insult or two at him as a gift.

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