Why Does Homelander Kill Black Noir in The Boys, Explained

Amazon’s ‘The Boys’ is known for its shock value. ItAlways drops bombs at the audience when they least expect it. AlliancesLoyalty is meaningless inThis is because everyone is keeping secrets, and everyone has an ulterior motive. HomelanderThis is something that everyone is aware of.

DespiteBeing the most powerful Supe inHe is a strong believer in the importance of being with the right people. HoweverHis rage can often get the best of him and he ends with people who have wronged him. He especially doesn’t take well to people who keep secrets from him. InIn the seventh episode, he discovers what Soldier BoyHis father is While he’s hearing about it for the first time, he knows that there are others who knew about it and kept it a secret. NoirOften, the one who knows everything is often the one who does. Vought’s dirty laundry. HeHe has kept many secrets over time, but this one is fatal. Here’s why. SPOILERS Ahead

Why Does Homelander Kill Black Noir?

Black NoirAlways been a mysterious figure inThe Seven. Heremained quiet and was always on the sidelines. He only showed up when it was necessary. VoughtThey wanted him to do the dirty work. The third season peels the layers of his story, giving us an insight into a lot of things that’d made him such an intriguing figure. One thing that’d always been clear about NoirHe was loyal to only one thing: Vought. He didn’t care about other SupesThey never found any solidarity with them. NotEven HomelanderWho was it that thought? NoirHis closest ally, was he his friend.

NoirWe were involved in many secret missions. Vought. Even Homelander wasn’t aware of them, especially the ones that were before his time. TheThe seventh episode of the show reveals this. HomelanderIs Soldier Boy’s son. VoughtUsed Soldier Boy’s sperm to create the boy who would become the next face of the company. TheBoy was more powerful than Soldier BoyHe could fly, which is something that no one else can do. SupeWe were able to accomplish this so far. TheyEventually, he realized that. Homelander would become the hero who’d represent them. TheyAlso, I knew that Soldier BoyIt might not be a good idea.

VoughtWe all knew how abusive Soldier Boy was. TheyHe knew his entire team hated and detested him. They didn’t do anything about it before because Soldier BoyIt was vital. ButThat has now changed. NowThey had HomelanderAnd Soldier BoyThis was a problem.  SoThey gave him a green signal to get out of his way. PaybackCapture Soldier BoyGive him to the Russians.

NoirYou should know HomelanderHe also knew that Soldier BoyHis father was a doctor. TheSecret was never meant to be revealed, which is why Noir didn’t say anything about it. AlsoWhat could he have said? Homelander? ThatHe got rid of his only family! HomelanderHistorically, it was unstable. HeHe was also keen to find his family. WhenHe discovered he had a son and did everything he could. WeAlso see that HomelanderLove is truly possible Ryan. GrowingUp inBeing raised in a lab and as a product, his only real family is his blood.

HomelanderFeels the same camaraderie as Soldier Boy. ItIt is a time of great joy and celebration for the leader of this group Seven, who doesn’t have to feel alone anymore. NotHe has not only a son, but also a father. WithThree generations of superheroes inOne place is not able to be defied. Homelander wouldn’t have to be wary of every other person, figuring out who is plotting to kill him next. NoirYou knew how Homelander felt. HeHe would have known if he told him so. Soldier BoyHis father was HomelanderI would dig into the past to find certain death. Noir. AndIt turns out, he was right.

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