Will Caleb and Maeve Die in Westworld? Will William Kill Them? Theories

The finale episode of HBO’s science-fiction series ‘Westworld’ season 3 ends with the aftermath of the erasure of Rehoboam. WilliamAKA Man in BlackSets out to kill HostsYou will only meet the Dolores Abernathy/host version Charlotte Hale. UsingA host is created inThe form of William, HaleThe old man who wanted the extinction of his species to happen seems to be killed.

InThe premiere episode of season 4 is now available. WilliamSends several men to the death Maeve Millay and Caleb NicholsThe, who have joined forces to save humanity through erasing Engerraund Serac’s AI system. As William’s hunt for the duo begins, one must be eager to know whether he will succeed inThe same. Well, let us share our take! SPOILERS BEFORE.

Will Caleb and Maeve Die? Will William Kill Them?

AfterDispose Rehoboam, Caleb and MaevePart ways While CalebEstablishes a family with his partner Uwade andA daughter FrankieThe latter begins to live alone in a cabin inThe woods. TheyEscape from William’s initial attempt to kill them narrowly, seeing death at a close distance. The Man in Black’s attempts, however, pave the way for their reunion as they decide to confront their enemy together. William’s failure to kill both of them on his first try significantly lowers the probability of him succeeding inThey are the same because they work together as a formidable duo.

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EvenIt is, however. WilliamWho sends the men who kill? Caleb and MaeveThe host must follow the instructions of Charlotte HaleHis creator. HaleThe aspirant to conquer the world and defeat humanity in pursuit of the supremacy. Hosts, must be trying to eliminate obstacles/oppositions by possibly attempting to kill the duo through William. ConsideringThe possibility exists CalebCan be inA more vulnerable position than Maeve.

AsIt is far more than HaleConcerned CalebA typical human being will challenge her authority and superiority. InShe may not think twice about killing if she is fighting the war against humanity CalebHe is, especially when you consider the bond that he has forged with Dolores. HaleShe may not be considerate of the former ally she had with her creator, who left her. SheYou may not need CalebHe saves humanity by erasing Rehoboam. Thus, HaleThis may be instructive Williamto end his life as soon as they meet again.

HoweverIt may not be the exact same with Maeve. HaleConsiders herself to be the savior of the HostsIt includes Maeve. EvenAlthough she has never fought for her species’ causes, she is one the most prominent awakened host. HaleYou may respect Maeve’s significance. RatherShe might try to convince her rather than killing her MaeveThe need for the Hosts’ supremacy over humanity andHow she could possibly need it MaeveWhen the HostsEnd up ruling the world. If that’s the case, HaleMay have a change or perspective on killing Maeve.

Will Caleb and Maeve Die in Westworld? Will William Kill Them? Theories
Image Credit: John Johnson/HBO

If HaleYou are convinced MaeveWhile she will never change, she may try to make her copy as she does with. William. InThese possibilities are what we can expect. MaeveProtect yourself Caleb. SinceBecause he is a human being, one bullet can be enough for him to die Caleb, which isn’t the case with a host like Maeve. ThusShe must feel responsible for him. AsSomeone who longs to be with her daughter since childhood. MaeveMay try her best not to let CalebSeparate from FrankieThrough his passing.

AsA father CalebHe wants to end his predicament. WilliamAs soon as possible so that it does not affect his family. AsHe and MaeveWe are determined to defeat the Man in Black and HaleTheir lives will be hanging on a single thread. Still, MaeveCould be a success inProtecting herself and Cabel. If she doesn’t, we may need to be worried about the latter.

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