Will Diamond and Big Bone End Up Together in P-Valley? Theories

Hailey Colton AKA Autumn NightNew dancers are being recruited The Pynk in Starz’s drama series ‘P-Valley’ season 2 when Gidget and Keyshawn/MississippiYou can leave the strip club. AfterShe selects the best auditionees Whisper, Roulette, and Big Boneas the new dancers. When Whisper and RouletteGet out on the dance floor! Big BoneShe focuses her attention on different things. AfterAfter a brief stint as a dancer she is now the new DJ of The Pynk. InThe fourth episode of season 2. She eyes Diamond andInvites him for a night driving andYou could even get more IntriguedWe have taken a look at their potential union after their meeting. LetLet us know your thoughts! SPOILERS BEFORE.

Will Diamond and Big Bone End Up Together?

AsThe bouncer of The Pynk, DiamondProtective role in the lives of the strip club’s dancers, especially Keyshawn. HerRelationship with the abusive DerrickHis feelings for her infuriate her. When DerrickCrosses the line DiamondHe fights him for his physical health andAbusive behavior KeyshawnHe was able to hold a gun against her. TheIncidents can affect more than just the victims Diamond’s feelings for her but also influences him to leave the strip club, before Big Bone’s arrival at the same. SheGets impressed with Diamond andHis actions.

InSeason 2, Episode 4 Big Bone meets DiamondWhen he arrives to The PynkTo implement the Covid-19 pandemic protocols SheHe flirts with you andHe realizes that she is watching him closely. Big BoneAlso, it is clear that her sexual interest is clearly implicated in Diamond andOffers a drive. AsAs far as Big Boneis concerned, her interests in DiamondIt can be fascinating to learn about his stand for the cause. Keyshawn. HisProtective nature andHer sincerity may have impressed. InIn addition, she could be trying to take over Keyshawn in Diamond’s mind, a feat nobody has achieved.

Diamond’s attachment to KeyshawnNo matter how difficult their relationship is, it can be a challenge to have a loving partner. Big BoneTo conquer. Since BigL wants DiamondReturn to The PynkAs the bouncer, he and Big BoneIt is possible to be even closer. EvenHowever, we don’t know everything yet Big Bone’s intentions, she may succeed inGetting together with him A relationship with him Big BoneIt could be a wonderful opportunity DiamondYou can move on Keyshawn. DiamondEven the most basic needs must be met The Pynk and his “family” because of her andHe may be ready to end that chapter in his life with the arrival Big Bone.

Will Diamond and Big Bone End Up Together in P-Valley? Theories

However, KeyshawnThese factors could affect your chances of getting Diamond and Big BoneFinding love together. AfterA long period of physical activity andEmotional distress may cause her to finally leave. DerrickAfter building her life, she was able to create her own. TeamingKeep it up Lil MurdaThis could allow her to live an independent life, without having to rely on her abusive boyfriend. IfShe leaves Derrick, it wouldn’t be a surprise if she wants to get together with Diamond. HeTaking care of them Keyshawn’s child more andBetter than Derrick andShe may be looking for that security andComfort moving forward for her andHer child.

If that’s the case, Big BoneYou may not be able succeed inA fight against KeyshawnFor Diamond. ThusShe may end up with DiamondOnly if KeyshawnIt is out. If KeyshawnLeaves Derrick, Big BoneIf she really wants to, she may need to be cautious Diamondto be her boyfriend.

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