Will Jocko Sims’ Dr. Floyd Reynolds Leave New Amsterdam?

In NBC’s medical series ‘New Amsterdam,’ Dr. Floyd ReynoldsShares his life with Dr. Linda “Lyn” MalvoIn a polyamorous marriage, that may also include Lyn’s husband Dr. Claude Baptiste. EvenHis and Lyn’s intricate togetherness starts as a casual relationship, it becomes solid when she becomes pregnant. LynHer two partners decide not to determine the father’s identity in order to maintain the dynamic of their relationship.

HoweverIn the sixteenth episode, season 4, Lyn meets ReynoldsWith a revelation that shakes him. Since the turn of events is expected to change the course of the surgeon’s life, one must be eager to know whether it will conclude the character’s storyline, paving the way for Jocko Sims’ exit. Let’s find out! SPOILERS Ahead.

What HappenedTo Dr. Floyd Reynolds?

UponRefusing to proceed with a paternity testing ReynoldsStart to take care LynAs she struggles with concerns about her complicated pregnancy. OnOn the other hand, ClaudeHe tries to find a job and accepts a job offer from a hospital. Denver, Colorado. HeAlso, information Reynoldsabout his intention of moving from New YorkTo the WesternInclude Lyn. OnThe same day. Reynolds meets LynHe tells him that he is the father of her baby.

Will Jocko Sims’ Dr. Floyd Reynolds Leave New Amsterdam?
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ReynoldsKnow Lyn’s potential move to ColoradoHe will keep his distance from his child. HeYou may feel compelled to accompany the couple to the Mountain WestIf he wants to be with the child as a father. AsSomeone who has left New AmsterdamTo move to San FranciscoTo join Evie Garrison, his ex-fiancée, it wouldn’t be a surprise if ReynoldsDoes the same apply to you? Lyn. If that’s the decision Reynolds makes, admirers of the character may need to worry about the surgeon’s future in the show.

InThe intolerable rules, regulations, and restrictions implemented by VeronicaIt may not be helpful ReynoldsStay in New Amsterdam. Lyn and his unborn baby’s potential departure from Reynolds may make him realize that there’s nothing that connects him in the hospital for him to not think about moving to Colorado. SoWill ReynoldsMove from NY to care for his baby? DoesThe possibility indicates Jocko Sims’ departure from the show? Let’s see!

Will Jocko Sims Leave New Amsterdam?

AsNBC and NBC have not yet to air. Jocko SimsA statement has been released by the company regarding Reynolds’ supposed departure. RatherInstead of forcing ReynoldsTo move from NY, the true identity of the father Lyn’s baby is expected to make LynStay back with ReynoldsWhile ClaudeHe moves forward with his plan for relocating to Colorado. UponThis is what you need to know ReynoldsIs the father of the child ClaudeYou may not want it. LynShe and her unborn child to accompany him. HeHe may be able to see that his dismal and troubled marriage life is not the best for him. LynOnly second place will be taken Reynolds’ place in his wife’s life as the father of their baby.

Will Jocko Sims’ Dr. Floyd Reynolds Leave New Amsterdam?
Image Credit: Barbara Nitke/NBC

If that’s the case, we can look forward to LynDeciding to Stay With ReynoldsTogether, they are expecting their first child. TheyThey are likely to continue in their current career. New AmsterdamThis will eliminate any concerns about Sims’ supposed exit from the show. OnOn the other hand, ClaudeMay return to New AmsterdamIf MaxForcing succeeds Veronicato resign. SuchA development will see three doctors reunite in the hospital without having to end their polyamorous relationships. ConsideringThese are the possibilities that we believe you have. Jocko Sims is likely to continue featuring in ‘New Amsterdam.’

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