Will Maeve and Butcher End Up Together In The Boys? Theories

‘The Boys’ never ceases to surprise its audience. When you think you’ve seen the most shocking thing you could ever see, it throws something entirely different at you. Season3 has had its fair share a weird moments andSome moments are downright disgusting ButSometimes the show will surprise you in unexpected ways that leave you unsure how to react. SomethingSimilar things happen when we look at other people. Butcher and Maeve together.

TheirThe first episode of the season reveals the existence of collaboration. Maeveis providing information as well V-24 to Butcher. TheyOnly when they are needed to meet and we don’t see any informal conversation between them. HoweverWhen the Boys’ mission in Russiais botched andThey might not be able t kill, as it turns out. HomelanderThey share a few drinks after all andHave a chat. OneOne thing leads to another andThey end up sleeping together. ThisThis makes us wonder: Is this the beginning to a romance? Butcher and Maeve? Here’s what we know. SPOILERS Ahead

Will Maeve and Butcher End Up Together?

Most likely, no. Queen Maeve and Billy ButcherThey come from two worlds, the former harbouring a deep hatred for superheroes. ButcherBelieves in building alliances when necessary. To Starlight and MM’s surprise, he teams up with Soldier BoyEven though he knows how much MM hates his actions. ButIt might be the only way you can kill Homelander, Butcher doesn’t mind this collaboration, albeit temporarily. In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if ButcherTeams up with HomelanderIf it means he eventually gets the death penalty Supe.

Butcher and Maeve’s collaboration falls under the same category. HeNeeds an inside man andShe can not only get him the most important things, but she can also fly beneath the radar. Also, when it comes to fighting superheroes, it doesn’t hurt to have a good one on your side. While Butcher doesn’t hesitate to share a drink or two with Maeve, he also doesn’t hold back in his hatred. HeIt is clear that his contempt does not end there Homelander. He believes that superheroes shouldn’t exist, and they’ve all got to go. EveryLast one.

While, at present, it doesn’t mean much to MaeveThis is the statement of Butcher’s predicts his actions in the future. InThe comics, after HomalanderIt is dead ButcherDecides to kill all other superheroes. HisFanaticism is a surprise to the rest of us BoysHe was then stopped by his friends. Considering that the show hasn’t changed Butcher’s perspective on SupesIt is quite clear that Maeve and ButcherYou are not more than a one night stand.

Will Maeve and Butcher End Up Together In The Boys? Theories

FortunatelyOr, unfortunately, for Maeve, she won’t have to worry about Butcher’s plans in the future. ThereThere is a high chance she will die before there is any final showdown between them. Butcher and Homelander. And even if she survives the ordeal, she’d prefer to spend her time with someone she loves, andSomeone who loves her back. ItIt would be logical for her to return to Elena andTry andMend this relationship. SoThe relationship with ButcherIt is a convenience marriage for her.

Maeve wouldn’t have bothered to care what the Boys were doing if it wasn’t for her hatred towards Homelander. HeHas been manipulating her life. andIt is basically ruining it from the beginning. SheHad to be in a fake love relationship with her andThen, his jealousy led him to ElenaBreaking up with her ForIt can take a long time. MaeveSit on the sidelines andLet HomelanderYou can do what you want. But now, Maeve has made it her mission, even if it’s her last, to kill HomelanderOnce andFor all. She knows she can’t do it alone, andShe knows what the Boys do. SoIt only makes sense that she works with them. and solve a common problem.

If you’re still rooting for Butcher and MaeveThere is always the chance that they might drive off into night. WeKnow that Butcher hates Supes andHe could most likely be with Maeve if she wasn’t one. WeKnow that Soldier BoyYou can get rid of it SupeOf their powers (though whether it’s a temporary or permanent thing is yet to be determined). ShouldIt can happen. MaeveGets rid of her powers ButcherShe might be more open to the idea that they can settle down together. WhetherOr not MaeveA discussion about agreeing to put up is quite different.

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