Will Moka Choose Aki or Koyo in The Future Diary? Theories

With strangers living out a romantic storyline through a rough “script” provided to them in the form of journal entries, ‘The Future Diary’ can only be described as a dating series unlike any other. AfterAll these notes contain simple but often prophetic descriptions for their dates, which will eventually help them determine if true love can exist. inA little chaos or not.

HoweverThe second installment of this Netflix original follows three individuals rather than two – Moka Nozoe, Akimitsu “Aki” Sumimoto, Koyo Momota – making their journey much more complex. That’s because, as the conclusion of its first batch of episodes indicates, Moka would soon have to pick one over the other — so let’s try and uncover who it could be, shall we?

Will Moka Choose Aki or Koyo?

WhenWe first encountered this website. MokaIt was due to Aki being led to her by shining lights under a full moon as her “soulmate,” which definitely made their meet-cute one for the books. They were both incredibly nervous at first, but her charm unfurled their extroverted personalities and got the conversation flowing, driving her to later describe him as a “cute guy who hears you out.”

Will Moka Choose Aki or Koyo in The Future Diary? Theories

That’s why MokaA diary to help them tell their story after meeting Koyo (inThe same way) was a surprise to her, but it was more than okay because she also found a spark with him. WhileShe had previously mentioned blonde-haired Aki “like a hot guy from a comic book” and a pure “catch,” she admitted that the latter was much closer to her expectations inPhysicality. ThusTheir love triangle began with simultaneous, memorable first dates at The Mishima Skywalk in Shizuoka, without either man even knowing about the other’s existence.

Aki KoyoDespite being astonished by the lies, we were eventually able to face-to-face and discover the truth. Moka’s best efforts, making things a little awkward between the trio, but they were surprisingly understanding. HonestlyThey were happy she was well, and they planned completely different, but equally enjoyable, follow-up dates. inHer hometown was TokyoThree days later. ThisIt’s a matter of time, but Koyo’s cheesecake and aquarium date was more her pace romantically, it was AkiHe won her over with his smiley personality over tea, candle-making (her favorite), as well as barbeque.

Will Moka Choose Aki or Koyo in The Future Diary? Theories

Moka couldn’t help but be enchanted by Aki’s helpful and lively self, which is why she secretly held his hand at the end of the night once they all got together to discuss their goals at the Skytree. LittleShe didn’t know that this would turn the tide and force him to play cupid with her. Koyo, shattering his wish “to get closer to” her (made on the first date) at every step of the way. DuringTheir trip to NasuHe was forced to give up his race to get to spend the evening outside with his girlfriend, to kiss her on the cheek, to compliment them as a couple and to push them closer together.

AkiWas actually the one who found it. Moka when she got stranded later on, but even when she asked how he felt about her, he couldn’t speak from his heart, making her think he wasn’t interested. That’s around the same time KoyoFound Aki’s torn-up wish, making it seem like their dynamic could change once again — they had become good friends. Moka’s attraction to both men for distinct reasons is undeniable inThe series, however she has been more involved to KoyoRecently, she feels a pull towards it. Aki a lot of the time, making us believe she’d still pick the latter.

Yes, Moka’s goal of living inA foreign country, the way she was impressed Koyo’s English, and their professional lifestyles make it appear as if she’d be more inclined to choose the aspiring doctor. But it’s not like AkiA professional bartender has clearly proven himself incompatible in any way with the law office worker, so he’s still high up inThe competition.

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