Will Zoa Leave Eden in Welcome to Eden? Theories

Although ‘Welcome to Eden’ has several main characters, Zoa (Amaia Aberasturi) is likely meant toServe as the audience surrogate. AtShe lives in the series’ beginning. in BarcelonaWith her sister Gabi. WithHer estranged father being an addict and her mother being absent for work most days, she was left with the responsibility to raise her. GabiIt has fallen on Zoa’s young shoulders. ToEven if it’s only temporarily, escape stress ZoaAccepts the invitation toParticipate in the Blue EdenLaunch party for energy drink tobe held on a remote, but beautiful island. She takes her best friend JudithWith her, even though she was only invited. TheAlthough the first night on the island is wild and exciting, things quickly turn dark. ZoaOthers discover that they are trapped on an island with a dangerous and violent cult that will either kill or recruit them. IfYou are curious as to whether ZoaWe have you covered if you ever need to leave the island. SPOILERS Ahead

Will Zoa Leave Eden?

Initially, ZoaAs with most newcomers, she is totally infatuated by EdenThe island’s community is called. Only AldoSuspected of their hosts, is later killed while trying to save them toLeave Eden. FortunatelyFor more information, see: ZoaThey also catch on with the rest. toThe malicious intent to AstridThe leader of the community. LikeAny other leader of a cult. AstridYou want toExpand her reach. WithTheir dysfunctional families backgrounds ZoaThe rest of the newcomers perfectly match the type of recruits they are seeking. InIn the following weeks, they are made to hate their family members and believe that they are evil. EdenThey will never need anything else.

It’s her sense of responsibility toward GabiThis ultimately saves you money Zoa. However, inThe season finale, just like she is about toLeave EdenShe spots GabiOne of the most recent arrivals on the island is a group of young, directionless people. Although the first season of ‘Welcome to Eden’ ends right there, it’s safe toThis is what you should do ZoaWill not leave EdenAt least, not right now. GabiShe has discovered that her sister is on the Island and has arrived. toTake her back. SheShe has no idea what danger she is in. More importantly, she doesn’t know that if she had just waited for a while longer, she would have most likely reunited with her sister.

Will Zoa Leave Eden in Welcome to Eden? Theories
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ForNow, it seems that ZoaHe is still stuck on the island. SheIt has toProtect her sister who was recruited using a false name MollyEnsure that Astrid and her lackeys don’t find out the truth while trying toFind a way to escape from the island. ThingsThis will make things more complicated. Ulises’ death. AfterShe was attacked and Erick, AstridCorrectly believes that someone has her in mind. NowShe can also become more dangerous as she tries to get away. toFind the traitors.

ZoaNeeds toYou must be more careful, or your sister and you will both be killed by her naivety. OneCan only hope that she will return home when she is done. EdenFor good, BelI am with her. AfterBoth women deserve happiness after the terrible ordeals they have experienced.

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