WiMi sees remarkable achievements in XR application

ExtendedReality is the combination of real-world and virtual environments to create a virtual environment that supports human/computer interaction. ItIt is also used as a collective name for a variety technologies, such as AR and VR. AfterAfter a decade, the public has seen the figure of GoogleAR glasses AccordingSources during the Google I/O annual developer conference, inAdditional to the AR concept sunglasses, GoogleARCore has also been announced Geospatial API. BasedDevelopers can create immersive AR experiences using the new API inYou don’t have to be present in 87 countries or regions of the world.

XRIt has regained its former glory


ARCore is an augmented-reality platform that was created by Google, based upon different APIsapplicationProgramming interfaces) are software that allows phones to sense the environment, understand it, and interact with information. GoogleARCore developers are looking for scalable, global apps. The key to building such applications, according to ARCore, is easy access 3D models that are always current. Machine-readable and optimized for localization, which is now possible thanks to the new APIs.


In fact, it’s not just GoogleAR glasses are coming back. If you pay attention to AR market trends, you’ll find that the consumer AR glasses market is particularly lively this year. ItIt is reported that AppleAR glasses are being made thin and powerful (Apple Glass). An Apple AR GlassPatents prove that AppleWearable devices equipped with vision correction functions will help solve the problem for nearsighted users. ItIt is possible that it as XR devices develop inMiniaturization is on the horizon inIn the following years, the patent will be for Apple AR Glasswill be significant and can play an important role in the future inPromotion of the whole XR market.

WiMi sees remarkable achievements in XR application

WiMi’s XRWhat is the value of a figure?


MasteringThe core technology is the same as mastering future initiatives. TheTechnology giants are aware of this. GoogleAnd AppleThey have been actively developing XR technology. At the same time, the world’s leading technology strength, WiMi Hologram Cloud(NASDAQ:WIMI), has also been adhering to R & D and innovation, and continues to break through the core technology. ByFocusing on the characteristics of enterprise and development needs, guiding technology search and applicationWIMI is a tool that allows scenario expansion and increases the strength of XRindustry with its own strength.


ItWIMI taps more of its hardcore strength to make it a stronger organization. XRThis allows for landing scenarios other than social entertainment and creates long-term ecological solutions, which will increase the popularity of XR terminals. InRecent years XRIt has a very large applicationSpace inHealth education, furniture improvements, e-commerce and advertising, marketing and cultural tourism, and other application scenarios. XRTechnology can be used to figuratively communicate abstract concepts. It can also conduct virtual imitation training learning for high-value equipment which is difficult to operate. WIMI is one example of this. XRTechnology has also emerged inMany landing cases are available.


InIndustrial aspects, such the power grid, and other fields, WIMI uses VR virtual simulation technology to teach the operation of large equipment. This is both safe, and efficient. InThe field of vehicle, WIMI AR navigation, and LIDAR are key to autonomous driving. InAR and VR technology are very useful in the education field. They can be used to plan knowledge, coordinate teaching remotely, and provide vivid entertainment. InIt promotes more diverse art and immersive visual experiences in the field of culture tourism, which indirectly helps to develop the cultural tourism industry. InAdvertising technology, WIMI AR technology and marketing traffic solutions help brands and partners to attract fans.


InWIMI is also able to take advantage of the 5G commercial opportunities by commercializing 5G scale landing. The high speed rate, low latency, high reliability and high availability of 5G technology will help promote 5G technology. XRAnd towards prosperity. Especially inSmart home, smart manufacturing, smart transportation, intelligent management, and smart city applications are all in high demand at a rapid rate of development. WithPromotion of national 5G-related policy XRWill finally usher in inA breakthrough inDevelopment, and Micromax Holographic 5G+XRMarket to be purged by trillions inDifferent fields ItWIMI is easy to predict with its diverse development. inIn recent years, the industry has acknowledged this. in culture, advertising, automotive market, etc. ItThere are many prospects inThe XRfield and will open up a new era.




FromThe experience of the past decade XRTechnology is the core of everything inThe metaverse is the future of technology. XRBusiness activities will also be offered more options. ForNFT digital collection, for example, can still generate value inThe real world. MetaverseAnd XRHardware will also help one another to form a good circle. TheThe hardware development will be driven by the content if there is a boom in social applications of the metaverse concepts. OnOn the other hand, the popularity on the consumer side may make it possible for the content creator to participate inThe ecological construction and metaverse.


TheIndustry believes that the next decade will be the golden decade. XRThe metaverse concept is providing more momentum for the growth of the. XR industry. XRAll walks of life are now affected by it. AndBoth giants and entrepreneurs are waging a war of words. WithIt is believed that technology and ecology have improved over time, resulting in richer landing areas. XR industry is not too far away from the outbreak, so let’s hope that the real outbreak belonging to the XRIndustry will soon be established.

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