XII Medical Closes $30M Series A Financing

XII Medical, Inc.Anonymous Union City, CalifPrivate health technology company based in. closed $30m deal Series AEquity financing

Ajax HealthThe financing was led by the co-lead Broadview VenturesParticipation from the founding investor Cleveland ClinicAs well as Aperture Venture PartnersJobsOhio Growth Capital FundCincyTech and an undisclosed strategic investment.

LedBy Garrett Schwab, PresidentCEO XII MedicalThe company is a health tech company that focuses on the treatment and prevention of obstructive sleeping apnea (OSA). This is a disorder where the muscles in the throat temporarily relaxes, causing obstruction of the airway during rest.

FundsIt will be used to help develop its proprietary, patient-centric solution that is for people with OSA.



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