Young & Restless’ Beth Maitland Shares Festive Backstage Photos From the ‘Absolutely Unmatchable’ Celebration of Her and Eileen Davidson’s 40th Anniversaries

WhatIt becomes a legend for most? A helluva heckuva party, that’s what.

“Somebody had an amazing, overwhelming, absolutely unmatchable day,” Beth Maitland InstagrammedOn May 17. Then she resolved her own cliffhanger by revealing that “OK, it was me!”

The reason? The Young and the RestlessHad thrown a party on the set for her andOn-screen sister Eileen Davidson on the occasion ofTheir 40thAnniversaries Traci and Ashley Abbott, respectively. See below: Don DiamontWho was their on-screen actor? Brad CarltonBefore becoming Bill SpencerOn The Bold and the Beautiful, was there to sing their praises.

InThis is a separate post. Maitland revealed theKind ofTreat one receives on such a special day. “So, when you’ve been somewhere 40 years,” she shared, “they put you on a cupcake!”

AsCastmates flocked to social networks to cheer the Emmy winners, Melissa OrdwayDropped a Post ofHer own with the ladies of the hour. “WeThese two amazing, talented, beautiful, and inspiring women are the reason I am able to call my TV mom and aunt today!” wrote Abby’s portrayer. “I love and adore you both!”

ForShe played her part Lauralee BellHe not only plays, ChristineHowever, it is theDaughter of Young & Restless‘ late, great co-creators William J. and Lee Phillip Bell, said that “I have so much love andRespect for them both and can’t imagine [the show]They are not necessary theAwesome Abbott sisters!”

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BeholdOur photo gallery that climbs the AbbottFamily tree the way revealing who’s related to whom and how.

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