Young & Restless’ Eric Braeden Reveals Why He Once ‘Loathed’ Daytime

SoapsThere may never have been a greater champion than the Emmy winner.

Now Eric Braeden’s name is synonymous with that of Victor NewmanWith The YoungThe Restless, with daytime TV. ButHe was not a fan of soap biz when it first started. “Do you know that I really had to work hard at accepting the medium?” he said during the May15 edition StateThis is MindWith General HospitalStar Maurice Benard (Sonny). “WhenI hated it when I first came in. The amount of dialogue, the speed and the lack of respect with which they worked…

“TheyWould count down [before a scene began],” he continued. “I said, ‘WaitYou can take a moment and look at me, before you begin to count down! I’m on [bleeping]Screen, not you. When I’m ready, we go.’ I had to say that a few times the first two or three years.”

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WhatYou are truly amazed BraedenHe was shocked at the lack of care that he saw in his coworkers back in those days. “ThePeople who work in the daytime feel a disdain for their medium. I used to feel that, and I resented that,” he admitted. “I said, ‘What you’re doing, you’re entertaining millions of people. HaveRespect for all that you do. WhatYou and I are more difficult than anyone who stars as a movie star, or in nighttime, or in theater. What you and I do on a daily basis is the hardest job for an actor in this town, in this business, period.”

If there’s a stigma attached to working in daytime, so be it. ThatDoes not have any relation to the quantity or quality of work. BraedenHis peers do. Any stigma associated with soaps “is based on ignorance, on not knowing what we do,” Braeden said. “I’ve starred in film, I’ve done nighttime, the whole thing. ThisThe most difficult medium in business. SoActors who are involved in it should be proud. Be proud of what we do.”

If La La LandWho cares if soap stars are looked down upon? Not Braeden. “I don’t give a [bleep]. I don’t care what Hollywood thinks. I really don’t,” he said. “Couldn’t care less. Done it for too many years… I know what we do.

“Lookat Michelle Stafford (Phyllis)… She’s a wonderful actress,” he went on. “WeGet a new baby Mark Grossman (Adam). HeOne of my children is playing. AndI watched them bombard him with dialogue. I looked at the page and said, ‘I wonder how this young guy is going to do that!’”

BraedenThen he snapped his fingers to show how fast he was moving GrossmanThe material was flawless. “My hat off!”

RevisitHighlights of Braeden’s epic run as VictorYou can view the gallery below.

Video: YouTube/StateThis is Mind

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