Young & Restless’ Exclusive: Ahead of the ‘Teriah’ Nuptials, Camryn Grimes Reveals What’s Giving Her Pre-Wedding Jitters

“It’s probably good nobody asked… ” 

“It’s so different from your typical soap wedding,” enthuses Camryn Grimes ofWhat The Young the Restless Has in store Mariah Tessa’s wedding. “SoThis is a common practice. ofPeople are curious if someone will stop creating tension. theceremony or if anything will go wrong theLast minute That’s obviously fun, but it’s not what this wedding is about. This is about celebrating love and life and family.”

Although theBrides had difficulty choosing a theme. theEventually, everything fell into place. “TheyReally, ran through a whole sequence of ideas,” reminds Grimes. “Maybe a murder mystery, or a concert… so at theEnd of the day, the70s theme ofEncapsulated elements ofAll those things. ItIt’s a great way to have fun and let everyone get dressed up. It’s much more in keeping with who Mariah Tessa are than something super formal would have been.”

Young & Restless’ Exclusive: Ahead of the ‘Teriah’ Nuptials, Camryn Grimes Reveals What’s Giving Her Pre-Wedding Jitters

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Meanwhile, theArrival of Tessa’s sister CrystalIt can be bittersweet in some ways. “AsAs much as Mariah’s family has embraced Tessa, that’s not the same as having someone who is your actual kin there to support you,” says Grimes. “It’s also nice in that it’s like ReyIs there in spirit since he was theIt was the person who made it possible CrystalTo attend.”

Referring to theLate Rey’s portrayer, Grimes adds with a smile, “Of course, we’d rather have had Jordi Vilasuso there instead!”

If there’s one thing that Grimes is a bit nervous about, it’s with regards to theWedding attire Why? “OfAll the people I’ve spoken to about theWedding, no one has ever asked who made it. theDress up or the headpiece, and I’m thinking to myself, ‘Oh, GodBut what if they hate it!’” she laughs. (OneTake a look at theSee the stunning gowns below to see why fear is unfounded! “On the other hand, it’s probably good nobody asked, because if I’m behind honest, I don’t know the answer. I should definitely find out!”

YR mariah tessa wedding

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WellBe aware ofThis wedding is so important to all of us. Grimes hopes that they’ll love every single minute of the event. “TakeEvery bit of the yummy deliciousness and enjoy,” she encourages. “It’s so much fun, and I think it’s everything fans have been hoping it would be!”

Before theBig event is coming up, join us in reliving it theMagical romance of Mariah TessaThrough this photo-filled gallery. 

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