Young & Restless Has the Perfect Opportunity to Light a Fire Under Noah by Igniting a Love Connection at ‘Teriah’s’ Wedding — and *Not* the One You Think

TheTime and place are perfectly aligned… and she’d definitely win Sharon’s approval!

NoahReturn to the Young & RestlessCanvas from his time in LondonIn aTotal funk after being dumped by the bartender he’d fallen in love with overseas. Things only got worse when he realized he still had feelings for his ex — who was still in love with — and living with — his sister, toShe soon got engaged to whom she was toGet married.

It’s been aThe rough road thecharacter, who has been entrusted with theReputation for being aA little bit aAs a downer aResult of the near-constant moping.

Noah’s a sweetheart, but we’re past ready for him toGet energized by aNew love.

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Yes, it’s time for Young & Restless toLight aFire under theBeautiful core character andWhile theThe head writer has already suggested that NoahWill share an attraction to AbbottFamily newcomer AlliePerhaps there is someone else who could be considered? the equation? Every soap opera love story needs aGood complication toMake it interesting. aWhat is a love triangle?

Tessa’s sister CrystalJust arrived on theScene andActing as maid-of-honor atHer wedding to Mariah… which is definitely theRight place toCross paths with Noah. TheHe just told his father that timing is everything. Nick that he’s left his feelings for her older sister in the past.

Might NoahDrawn to CrystalIn theThe same way he was to Tessa? It’s possible… andShe appears toBe a sweetie who, with all her troubles behind her, might decide toStay in Genoa City.

A Noah/CrystalMatch would undoubtedly win theHis mother’s approval SharonWho took the initiative? the young woman under her wing andHelp toRescue her the sex ring being run by Zack Stinnet.

CrystalIt was clear to Tessa that she’s looking for theShe has found the kind of love she loves Mariah, andShe wondered aloud what kind of love she might find. HerSister assured her that she would find it. MightIt may be closer than they thought possible.

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