Young & Restless Exclusive: Peter Bergman Reveals the Death — and No, It Isn’t Diane’s — That Breathed New Life Into ‘Phack’

“TheyFear of theThey caused each other pain the past.”

For far too long, The Young and the Restless‘ Jackwalked the planet without a woman at his side. And even when he’s been lucky enough to find a lady, things have not worked out well. “Jack has been unlucky in love for as long as we’ve known him,” says someone who knows that perhaps better than anyone, portrayer Peter Bergman.

WhileMany of the character’s issues date back to theDay mom DinaHe walked out of his life and has slowly moved on from that life-shaping event. “WithEvery woman who has ever entered his life, Jack’s learned a little bit that they’re not all Dina,” muses Bergman. “They have altered him somewhat, helping him to become who he is today.”

SoWhat does it mean for him to be a he? andA certain redhead and another are once more circling each other? “NoOne on earth knows JackBetter than Phyllis,” suggests the actor. “AndI would argue theIt is also possible to reverse the situation. And now, she is by his side as a partner/companion/confessor/comfort/ally even as he’s dealing with some of the most life-changing experiences one can have.”

InterestinglyIt was a life-changing experience that may have helped clear another hurdle. theA path to a reunion between Jack andHis favorite redhead. “In the wake of his father’s death, Jackbecame thepatriarch of the family,” explains Bergman. “AndIt brought with it a new type of empathy. andA new sense and responsibility for others. HeGained theAbility to love himself more and to stop trying too hard and disappointing himself when he failed.”

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS, from left: Jerry Douglas, Peter Bergman, 1980s, 1973-, ph: Monty Brinton /© CBS /Courtesy Everett Collection

Jack spent several decades trying to live up to his father’s expectations… usually failing in pretty spectacular fashion.

Credit: CBS/CourtesyOf the Everett Collection

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More importantly, “AfterSpending years talking about wanting be the man his father was, he’s getting closer. AndAll of it has an impact. the relationship in his life.”

Including the one he’s currently re-developing with Phyllis. “These two people never fell out of love with each other,” he says. “ItIt was just too painful. andThis pain is very, very deep. SoBoth of them become more nervous as they get closer. BecauseBoth are not willing to live again. theMaking mistakes the past. TheyFear of theThey caused each other pain the past. CanThey move on. But it’s never been a lack of love for one another which holds them back.”

LookReturn to theThe twisty path PhyllisShe seems to have been led back by that decision. Jack’s arms. 

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