Young & Restless Preview: Tessa and Mariah Are Finally Married — and [Spoiler] Catches the Bouquet

HereCome theBrides Tessa and Mariah say, “I do.”

InA Young & RestlessPreview for theWeek of May 16 – 20, Genoa CityGatherings for a Wedding ReadWhat happens? andPay attention thePreview below.

After KyleSubmitted MariahHe had plans to return to MilanTo speak with Summer about his mother’s return from the dead, MariahWe hoped he would delay our return for a little while. SheHe was not only invited to her wedding, but he was also asked to officiate. KyleEventually, they agreed. And as it happens, he doesn’t need to go to MilanBecause his wife is back! WatchA second preview is available SummerReturns and meets Allie.

TheWedding planning was a welcome distraction. SharonThe family was still in grief over the loss of their beloved. theLoss of Rey. TheSeventies-themed weddings are sure to be a fun and exciting event that will delight all of its fans Teriah won’t want to miss! Amanda, Devon, Nate and ElenaDig definitely the funky vibes, andEven FaithGet in on the disco era.


As theEvent begins NickWalking MariahDown the aisle, as Sharon escorts TessaTo the altar. MariahShe says she is so grateful to have TessaIn her life, while Tessa says everything she’s learned about love is because of Mariah.

KyleOfficiates theAs promised, ceremony and theBrides kiss as Kevin and CrystalPay attention and applaud. Per customer, theTwo couples share their first dance together. andThen, throw together the bouquet. WhoIt catches it? It appears it’s none other than unlucky-in-love Jack! PerhapsThis means that things will turn for him. CouldThis is theBegin a new chance with Phyllis?

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