Adam and Sally Set a Plan in Motion to Take the CEO Office From Victoria — and It Centers on Ashland

At Sharon’s place, FaithShe is glad to be back Miami andOffers to draw her a bath. Sharon’s not tired andYou want toFocus on theTomorrow is the wedding NickAsk questions Faith toLet them have a private conversation a minute. HeTells SharonSomeone wants toMake a sizeable donation to New Hope in Rey’s name. SharonIt is stupefying to hear it’s $250 million and asks, “Who’s the donor?” Nick replies, “That’s the thing… it’s Ashland Locke.” Nick’s really been struggling with it. Sharon blurts, “Take the money, Nick.” As far as she’s concerned it’s poetic justice.

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AtTheir apartment Tessa enthuses that tomorrow’s the big day and MariahFear of forgetting something? They go over some details and TessaTells Mariah she can’t wait toMake their vows toEach other. MariahShe panics as her mind recalls that Kyle hasn’t answered her yet about officiating. TessaShrugs DevonIt will be done if Kyle can’t. MariahLove DevonBut, I wanted. Kyle. Just then, NoahThey are asked to answer toCome with him. Mariah asks, “DoesIt has to be right now?”
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At Crimson Lights, VictoriaSpots Ashland andApproach him about his donation offer to New Hope. AshlandHopes Nickhe will be taken up on it. VictoriaWe agree theSum could be achieved aLot in theRight hands. LockeLaments that she doesn’t see his hands anymore theRight one. VictoriaHe may have an ulterior motive for the figures. AshlandHe assures her that his motivation is guilt for the things he did toher andHer family andFor Rey’s death. They wouldn’t have been on theIf not for his actions, he would have walked that night. Victoria reveals ReyTook their lives a heart attack, so he doesn’t have to feel guilty — at least not for that. Locke is relieved… andhe was moved to tell her. HeTells her about his offer to Nick to do good in Rey’s name still stands.

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At Newman Media, SallyYou want to go over the budget unless Adam has decided toLeave the company. He’s decided that he can’t walk away from theFamily or theChance of ever running Newman. IfHe walks off now. Victoria wins. SallyHe will support him in whatever way he chooses. He’s already decided and says, “I want Newman Enterprises. Every single bit of it.” Sallygawps aBit and remarks that that’s aA bold, strong goal. AdamIt has thePerfect plan and Ashland Lockeremains the key.
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AdamThis is a reminder that Victor hates the man, andHis sister is still in conflict. SallyIt is understandable why it would be so difficult. Victoria to let go. AdamThese are the points AshlandShe saved her life and he thinks he’ll try toUse that to win her back. IfThis can happen either AshlandWill get VictoriaGet away from all things Newman and Newman Enterprises, or Victor will be so furious she took him back that he’ll finally question her ability to run the company. SallyYou can be sure it will blow. the door wide open for him toTake control. Adam wonders, “What if we were to help reignite the romance?” SallyOne eyebrow raised. SheWarns about what to do if VictorIt turns out that they were pulling. the strings he’d be furious. Adam agrees; they can’t be seen toBe overt or matchmaking inAny way. “AllWe have to be able to toDo you want to plant? a few seeds.” Ashland’s already started the process. Sally nods. They’ll ride thecoattails of his advancement right into the CEO’s office.

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Returning toTheir apartment is available starting at TopOf the Tower, Mariah and TessaEnjoy NoahCompletely transform thePlace inPrepare for their after party. Noah teases — didn’t they trust him toMake them something special. HeWonders what they were frightened about before andAsks if you can help. Mariah replies, “Not unless you become an ordained minister by tomorrow.” Just then, Kyle arrives. He’s there to talk toThey are about officiating the wedding. NoahHeads out Tessa. KyleAsked for it to go back to MilanLast night, he remembered her request as he was packing. HeSo called SummerHe was convinced by him toStay for theWedding andHe will be joined by him in Genoa City toSupport him and his mom. MariahThe delighted, happy rambler. SummerWe will be toCome to theWeddings also. SheAsks what this means KyleWiling to officiate.
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At Society, NickInforms AshlandHe has made his decision to take his donation, but it doesn’t make them cool. “I think you’re aSnake and always will be.” He knows he’s doing this toMake him look good in Victoria’s eyes. If he really cared for his sister, he’d leave town andLet her rebuild theHe ripped life apart to shreds. Ashland isn’t leaving with Harrison intown, but theDonations are welcome aA small step in the right direction towards making amends. NickIt is described as manipulating andWarns the family won’t let him get to Victoria again. Locke’s not intimidated; they already tried toTake him off and it didn’t work. Nick warns that next time they’ll get more creative… andCertainly, more extreme.
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At Mariah’s apartment, KyleShe is afraid of losing her. SheYou can try toTalk him into it andHe thinks back to the first date he forced them into. ItWill be theFinalization aThe magic circle

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At Crimson Lights, TessaTells NoahHe wants toSee more MariahGet what she wants the wedding. NoahObservations onThey always want what they want theEach other is the best. TessaHe deserves our appreciation for all his hard work andThey are glad they made it through. theThere is an awkwardness between them. Noah will always love her… as aRefer friends andAs thewoman who makes his sibling very happy. Tessa smiles, “Soon we’re going to be family.”

At Society, Adam and SallyWalk in andSit down Nick and Ashland. NickPushes Ashland toMake theBank transfer and AdamListens as theTransfer of funds to New Hope’s account. NickTells Locke, “At least one good thing will come from all your lies.” HeWalk out. AdamNeedles AshlandHe must be angling to get back in Victoria’s good graces with the donation. “Don’t tell me you’re still holding out hope for that?” Ashland fumes that his plans aren’t any of his damn business. HeIt is a regrettable decision theBecause he had toGive up the woman he loves. AdamRemarks about VictoriaStill having onto theFantasy of the guy she thought she’d fallen inLove with. ThisGives Locke pause.
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At Newman Enterprises, NikkiLearn more Victoria ran into Ashland in Crimson Lights andShe told him that she had heard of his donation offer. Nikki senses she’s haunted by her feelings for theman and assures her it’s normal. VictoriaAlthough it is denied, Nikki insists she’s pushed her feelings down and they’ll come back to bite her if she doesn’t deal with them now.

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In Mariah’s apartment, KyleWe agree toOfficiate her wedding to Tessa andTell her how important it is toHe, despite having toIt should be discussed. MariahIt is tickled. and vows to have his back while he’s dealing with his mom.

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Later, Faith and SharonGet an update on the situation the florist. Noah and MariahYou should worry about their mom. SheIt reassures them andOffers toTell them about Rey’s service in MiamiIt was beautiful. SharonThis is an additional addition Lola is sorry she can’t make it toTheir wedding. TalkIt’s time to turn around to thePlanned and Sharon asks, “What else do we have to do?” TessaThey believe they have everything under control and MariahThis is what the report says KyleAcceded to officiate. TheyGive Sharon theTask of assembly theGift bags toKeep her busy. ThisReminds SharonShe brought them with her aGift box with items toTake time to pamper yourself with for the big day. Noah, Faith and SharonFile out. Mariah and Tessa marvel that tomorrow they’ll be saying their vows andTheir lives will be forever linked.
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At Society, SallyTells AdamShe could see. Ashland’s eyes light up when he talked about Victoria. TheThe best part was that AdamHe made it appear that he was insulting his wife. Adamshe will see her back at the office — it’s time toPlant another seed.

At Newman Enterprises, VictoriaRecognize to Nikki that it’s mortifying still having feelings for Ashland. She can’t help but wonder if he’s telling theTruth is that you can’t fall. inHis love for her has changed him. NikkiFeels her thoughts are perfectly reasonable. “MaybeHis love for you is the only true thing about him, but if it is, is that really worth complete forgiveness?” Victoria sighs, “OfOf course not. NothingCould undo theHe was wrong to all of us.” Nikki asks, “What about saving your life?”

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AdamStrolls in and VictoriaHe snarks at me. Nikki asks if there’s something they can do for him. AdamJust what you want toLet’s get it! Victoria know he’d accepted her decision not to name him co-CEO. VictoriaWe are grateful to him, but it was already a done deal. Adamwill turn his focus back to Newman Media andLooks forward toBoth of them will benefit from our collaboration. HeWalks out and NikkiWonders what? theThat was the end of it all. VictoriaDespite not having an idea, he needs some air.
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At Sharon’s place, she tells Nick he did theAcceptance is the right thing Ashland’s donation. SheKnow ReyWill be smiling down on them. Nick learns she’s set toYou can find some wonderful gift bags theWedding and asks how she’s really doing. SharonIt was hard at first, admits Sheila. in Miami andThis explains how Arturo’s young son was aReminder that they have toMove on. “You andI’ve been through hell before and we’ve always come through.” That’s why theWeddings, which are a joyous life-affirming event, couldn’t be coming at a better time.

VictoriaWalks into Society and SallyShe spots her. SheApproaches to ask how she’s doing after the accident and tell her she’s sorry for everything she’s been through. VictoriaMany thanks to her. Sally admits she’s been wanting toSpeak with her and asks, “CanI’m buying you a drink?”

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Next on The Young and the Restless: VictorGives Michael a dangerous assignment, Tessa’s past catches up with her, and NikkiGives AshlandHis marching orders.

AsShe has new plans, but you can look back on Sally Spectra’s pivotal moments in theSee the gallery below.

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