Young & Restless Taps Soap Vet to Connect With [Spoiler]

First Young & RestlessThe latest spoilers reveal that ChloeWas going toHelp mom EstherStart a new chapter in your life. NowIt is the English word for SamMcMurray has been cast DwightWho? Soap Opera DigestReports has a connection with Katherine’s former maid on Monday, May 23.

AddingWe have a sneaking suspicion of lovelorn at the number of two and two. EstherYou might finally find a romantic interest

“I love working with” McMurray, Kate LinderThe magazine was informed. “He’s a consummate professional.”

Kate Linder, Elizabeth Hendrickson"The Young and the Restless" Set CBS Television City Los Angeles 8/11/08 ©sean smith/ 310-657-9661 Episode # 8973 U.S. Airdate 9/4/08

“MomStep one: Lose the outfit.”

Credit: Sean Smith/JPI

He’s also a prolific one. The actor’s list of TV credits runs the gamut from Kojak to MomFrom The Sopranos to The KingOf Queens. On the big screen, you’ve probably seen him in Raising ArizonaOr Addams Family Values. ButDaytime fans are most likely to be the most popular toYou may recognize him from his recurring role as a smarmy reporter Wes LeonardOn Ryan’s HopeIn the 1980s. (HeIt worked! David “Sledge Hammer” RascheIn the part.

When recently spoke with McMurray’s new scene partner LinderTo celebrate her 40th birthday, she was joined by Young & RestlessShe was full with ideas for the next leg. Esther’s journey. “I’ve always thought it would be really interesting if she went toWork at maybe Chance CommOr Chancellor Industries or something,” she said, “because people would think that Esther could never do that.”

LinderThere was also hope that there might be some romance. Esther, who hasn’t been on a date in… Gee, we can’t remember when, can you? AtThis point should be laughed at Linder, “maybe she wouldn’t screw up any relationships.” (ReadThe full interview is available here.

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