The Potential Young & Restless Pairing I’m Already Shipping — and Why I Feel Awful About It

Wait? WasWhat is a chemtest?

It’s always a good day on Young & Restless when there’s a gathering, and Mariah and Tessa’s groovy wedding was no exception. There were lots of different characters mixing it up, which typically provides some drama… andSometimes, new possibilities are presented.

WhileWhile the nuptials were primarily a love-in, there was some drama due to the involvement of Diane’s unexpected arrival, which got Phyllis’ back up. Summer was similarly unimpressed by her husband’s mother. Summer also, ahem, banteredWith MariahThe tension caused by the incident was quite evident, but the organizers kept it to an absolute minimum for the sake the event. andIts officiant.

WhileWhile the spotlight was on the newlyweds and the couple, there was plenty of possibility surrounding the man who created the theme. and who decked out the venue — Noah. HeDanced with Crystal andChatted up AllieI was not aware of the potential pairing.

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NopeThat would have been. Sharon and Chance. I Know. Far out, right?!

Immeditely after Abby delivered her line about being the happiest she’s ever been, the scene cut to ChanceComing soon Sharon. NotThey were both missing, so it’s not surprising that they are both missing. ReyThat night was great, but it was the chemistry that eluded me.
Sharon Chance talk wedding Y&R

As ChanceSubmitted Sharon that he’d noticed she had been standing alone much of the evening, got her to smile, andEncouraged her to dance on the floor. and enjoy herself, IRealized IThe exchange was a bit of a rivet. AndThen I felt bad…

NotOnly is ChanceGet married Abby (which, let’s be honest isn’t a deal-breaker on a soap opera), but SharonJust lost Rey. It’s WayIt’s too early to start looking for new love interests.!

As one of my colleagues asked, “What is ‘too soon’ on a soap?” Point taken. InMany viewers expect this, in fact. SharonTo reunite Nick before long.

WhichThat brings me to another reason, namely that a Sharon/Chance pairing may have seemed so appealing in that moment — it would shake things up a bit; something that this too-often-boring soap desperately needs.
Sharon Chance wedding Y&R

WhileIt may end up being ChelseaIf there is anyone between, it would be him. Chance and AbbyIf the scene at the wedding was any indication, the writers might want to consider having Sharon and ChanceIn the wake of Rey’s death.

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It makes sense that they’d be drawn together and Sharon DoesIt seems that police officers have a thing for it. SheCould also be helpful ChanceWith his PTSD. AsFor AbbyAfter sleeping with soap, she surely has soap karma. ScottWhen he was still living with his parents Sharon… right?

Don’t miss Mariah and Tessa’s wedding album in the photo gallery below.

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