The Young and the Restless Spoilers May 9 – 13

Friday theThe 13th will be here soon, but who will it bring with it bad luck?’s latest The Young and the RestlessSpoilers Monday, May 9Through Friday, May 13, suggests that theNominees include TessaHer past could have a significant impact on her future. Elena, who’s in for an eye-opener about Nate, Michael, who’s caught between a rock (Lauren) andA difficult place (Victor), JackHe is surprised to find someone new at his door and Ashland, who’s put on blast anew by… On second thought, let’s not tell you here. Read on, and you’ll find out!

May theBest of the best win: Here’s your complete list of the 2022 Daytime Emmy nominees!

Opinion: The show’s latest bungle leaves fans disappointed and Tessa’s got trouble… on her wedding day! PlusWhere is it? the “bad girl” DianeThat was teased andWhy is it that we are suddenly back to boring??

Young & RestlessSpoilers Friday, May 6:

Abby, Ashley, Kyle Y&R

In today’s recap, AdamConsider leaving Newman EnterprisesFor the greater good LilyWarns Billy, and the Abbotts ambush Diane!

PigsMust be flying today BillyCelebrate a win. CouldHe has finally won the battle against his father-in law Victor… or perhaps his current nemesis, Ashland Locke?

ForWhat must be? theBy now, it’s the zillionth time. AdamConsider cutting family ties. He’s certainly cunning enough to make his own way in the world. ButCould he really give in to his dreams? the idea of someday having — and Maintaining — Dad’s respect and approval?

WhenAn Abbott family meeting takes an unexpected turn, we’re going to go ahead and predict it’s because DianeDecides to crash it. ProbablyNot the best way to prove to her detractors that she’s changed, but whelp, that’s DianeFor you!

AsWe celebrate Mother’s Day weekend, meet the stars’ real-life moms in our newly expanded family album!

Young & RestlessSpoilers Week of May 9:

ThisWeek on Young & Restless, AdamMakes a decision about his future at Newman, andAt least one person is happy seeing the world. Diane.

Young & RestlessSpoilers Monday, May 9:

Diane claims she wants only Kyle's forgiveness YR

In today’s recap, VictoriaFaces BillyLearn more about his podcast. VictorHe is amazed at how his daughter handles everything. and DianeGet grilled by the Abbotts.

VictorRestores confidence NewmanProbably by publicly supporting Nikki’s promotion… but might he instead tell his wife and perpetually bickering offspring to take a back seat because he’s coming out of retirement?

Perhaps the voice distorter Billy chose for his podcast didn’t disguise his identity Very asWell as he’d hoped, because Victoria confronts him about airing dirty laundry — and we Know he’s been using his platform to diss the Locke Ness Monster.

BestGood luck! the AbbottsWho will ask for answers? Diane. WeYou have to wonder why the pressed fam would even bother — they can’t trust a word she has to say, anyway, considering her long list of lies and schemes!

Don’t miss this one! Young & RestlessStars Michelle Stafford and Mishael MorganYou can laugh at the idea of teaming up for play Does It Taste Like Ass?

Young & RestlessSpoilers Tuesday, May 10:

Kyle tells Diane he's leaving town at Grand Phoenix Y&R

In today’s recap, NickIt is shocking to see Diane, AllieIs overwhelmed meeting the Abbotts, NateHelp Elena relax, and BillyMakes another podcast.

SoundsLike a standoff Crimson Lights… WhatWhen the price of gasoline drops, Sharon and Nick — who once had a torrid affair with Diane — reconnect with the back-from-theAfter all these years, a dead conniver??

ItCould be a GoodWhen? ElenaA new side to Nate, but something tells us that with his big career shift — and Imani in his orbit — it may be an eye-opener of a different kind. IsAre you ready for a change?

PoorBeleaguered Jack is still reeling from all of last week’s shocks when he receives a surprise visitor at his door. MightIt will be a happy meeting this time? We’re thinking it could be if Alliehas made the decision to move to Genoa City… although she’d be arriving amid VeryThere will be some upheaval. Hopefully, theLatest AbbottA family member will embrace the chaos because it’s not ending anytime soon with DianeOn the scene.

Mariah and Tessa’s guest list just grew by one… CrystalReturns theWedding the year!

Young & RestlessSpoilers Wednesday, May 11:

In Wednesday’s recap, AllieOpens up to Jack, ChelseaAt Rey’s memorial, and Diane stuns Michael.
Michael bumps into Diane at Grand Phoenix Y&R

When Phyllis witnesses a surprising encounter, we’re going to assume that one of theParties involved will be DianeSince her former rival is at theTop of the eagle-eyed redhead’s watch list. Will theSnoopy hotelier inserts herself into the mix? WhoAre we kidding? Of CourseShe will.

We smell drama. Why? Let’s just say it’s unlikely to deter MichaelWhen LaurenShe shares her concerns regarding his new venture. and theFiery Fenmore’s owner — as we all know — will NotYou will be glad to see her worries brushed aside once more.

ItIt seems as though Rey’s death is affecting ChelseaShe is able to see the truth more than she ever imagined, and she is determined to find closure. WeWe have to wonder if she will search for us. andConnect with Rey’s partner ChanceOver the tragedy… andIf so, what might it lead to?

When Calls the HeartPreview: A late birthday present could make a significant life-altering difference [spoiler] — plus, a storm is brewing in Hope Valley.

Young & RestlessSpoilers Thursday, May 12:

In Thursday’s recap, SheilaConfessions to shooting Finn andThen it turns theTables as she unleashes them on Steffy and blames her for her son’s death. DeaconThere is big news Brooke and Hope.
Deacon tease Brooke B&B

In Thursday’s recap, Sally and AdamPut in place a plan to expel the opponent. Victoria and Ashland’s the key! Plus, NickAsks Sharon’s advice, and MariahGet an answer from KyleAbout the wedding.
Mariah questions Kyle Y&R

The (*9*) BunnyApologies AshlandIs stillIn Genoa City and stillWe are trying to make amends. WillHe finally makes some progress? OrHe will throw in theTowel andMove on!

GivenHow self-righteous Nick can be, we’re all but certain that he’ll make theRight decision when faced with an ethical dilemma Unless it involves sex or love, in which case… WellHis past speaks for itself.

WeCan only assume Nikki’s earning her stripes after her big promotion at Newman Enterprises, when she’s forced to do damage control. Has Ashland’s latest transgression — faking terminal cancer — gone public?!?

Young & Restless fave shares some exciting news: “Our little secret is getting too big to keep.”

Young & RestlessSpoilers Friday, May 13:

Photo! Young & RestlessAlum Michael GraziadeiIt is returning to our TV screens! Plus, theVideo with his adorable twin boy that gave us goosebumps andFormer co-stars exclaiming their approval

It’s undoubtedly Lauren’s aforementioned worst fears realized when VictorGives MichaelIt is a dangerous job. Will theRestless attorney the MustacheYou can accept his offer or decline it after you decide to pay attention. the old adage, “Happy wife, happy life”?

AfterRecently, I discovered that sis is a real word. CrystalIt is coming to the wedding, Tessa’s past catches up with her. WillShe regrets scheduling theWedding she planned so meticulously with her lady love Mariah, for Friday the 13th?!?

AshlandPut NikkiThey were notified when they crossed paths the Grand Phoenix andShe was informed that the NewmansHe would not be freed, except by murder. ButWill he be singing a new tune this time? Victor’s wife gives him his marching orders?!?!

You’ll see more than a few familiar faces from Young & RestlessCheck out our brand-new countdown below. the35 Best Couples of All Time Bold & (*13*).

— Candace Young/Charlie Mason

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