Jack and Phyllis Have Sex — and Summer Stuns Kyle With a New Twist on Their Future

InThey dressed up in silky robes and decorated their apartment. Mariah and Tessa do champagne toasts andImagine being married. TheyYou will feel like everything was perfect andIt was wonderful to see their families there. TheyLet’s have a good time! Jack catching the bouquet — the look onHis face was priceless.

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As JackWalking PhyllisThey reflect in her room. onThey shared an unexpected kiss. JackIt is possible to ask if it was unexpected. PhyllisFeels it likely happened because of the emotions from the wedding. Jack muses, “Yeah. We’ll blame it on the wedding.” PhyllisOpen the door to her bedroom andWalking in. Jack follows. PhyllisRemove her bracelet and soon they’re in bed having sex.
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At Society, MichaelIt has been shown to aTable andSpots DianeAt the bar He still can’t over the fact that she’s really there. DianeHe is happy and sounds glad about it. SheLearn LaurenIs out of town and MichaelAsks her to join him. She’s grateful for the chance to catch up. MichaelAsks how things are going. DianeReports on positive momentum Kyle, who extended his stay, even though it was not for her. SheHis officiating skills are praised by many. Kyle’s wedding and MichaelRealizes she’s crashed it.
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AtThe Abbott house, SummerTells KyleThat Harrison is zonked out. SheHe was sorely missed. They kiss, andTalk is inevitably turned to Diane. SummerShe is angry that she showed up tonight uninvited andHe was forced to take her in. ItThis was manipulative. SheThen, you did as follows aWhen asked to leave, martyr Summer doesn’t trust her, but can see KyleThis is still a problem. “Have you already decided to let her back in?”
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Kyle doesn’t know whether he can forgive his mother… or should. Summer can see he’s torn up, but she hasn’t seen proof that Diane’s sincere and doesn’t want to see him get hurt. PartOf Kyle wants to give her time, but he doesn’t like living in this limbo. Summer reminds him that there’s HarrisonTo consider: andIf she gets a vote, she’d elect to leave him out of it for as long as possible. KyleThis is my opinion. HeHis attention turns to his sexy woman andThey begin to make out. KyleHe leads her upstairs into the bedroom, where she undresses. andMake love.
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NoahLet him into a dark Crimson Lights andTurns onThe lights. He’s onThe phone with Sharon andHe tells her to not wait for him. There’s aThe door is noisy and Allie appears. HeHe explains that his mom owns the property. SheShe wants to go home, explains. Jack’s place, but couldn’t fall asleep so she came back out. NoahOffer to get her something andThey can then ignore one another. AllieThis sounds great.

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In Phyllis’ suite after sex, she and JackIt is amazing to see how they keep surprising one another. PhyllisTells him that this feels right and challenges him to guess what she’s thinking right now. Jack figures she’s famished. PhyllisIt has aYou are looking for Society’s late-night menu andWants to continue the celebration. They kiss.
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InTheir apartment Tessa and MariahOpen wedding gifts from coworkers aCoffee table bird book and a ‘rock on’ hand paperweight. Faith’s present is framed art that says ‘family’. TessaThey dream about having their first baby. Mariah asks, “First child? Like, more than one?” They agree they’d love to have more than one andOne of them may even want a carry-on. aAdopting a child is the same as adopting a child. TheyKiss and TessaLeads MariahTo the bedroom.
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At Society, DianeRecognizes Michael that she wasn’t invited to the wedding. TheyRemember how he helped her get custody Kyle. Michael informs her he’s also the one who organized her memorial service… for Kyle’s sake. DianeFeels terrible for her son’s experiences. Michael thinks she can change — he was no saint in the past either. HeShe is assured that there are people who care about and love her. afriend, warns her not to make any impulsive moves. Just then, Phyllis and JackWalk in. PhyllisMarvelous Diane and Michael looking like best buds. Jack warns, “Ignore them.”
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AtTheir table Phyllis and JackIt was funny to see him catch the bouquet. AcrossThe room DianeFumes to MichaelThat PhyllisIs fawning everywhere JackFor her benefit. PhyllisGives aLoud phony laughter and Michael cringes. DianeExplains that the redhead has made it clear that she wants her gone. AsShe prepares to go, and she lets MichaelShe knows how important his friendship is to him. MichaelReminds her once again to not be impulsive. With that, DianeMakes aPoint of passing by Jack and Phyllis’ table. PhyllisShe urges her to go back to her bedroom and pack. After she’s gone, Phyllis reiterates to JackThat DianeThere is no place for it and she’s going to keep driving that home. SheAdmires his blue eyes. andThey smile at one another across the table.
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In bed after sex, Kyle talks about achieving work/life balance with one’s job and Summer tells him, “I actually have to talk to you about that.” SummerSome things I learned about Marchetti’s finances that AngelinaShe kept her close. SheAlthough it was nothing to worry about, she said that it felt strange. Shedid a deep dive into the company’s books and it’s worse than she ever could have imagined. They’re deep in ahole, but Angelina is in denial. KyleAsks if she would like to walk away. SummerShe loves her job, but she knows it will be hard to keep it. Marchetti afloat. KyleLaughter andInvites her share her idea.

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At Society, PhyllisShe makes her way to Michael’s table to complain about him hanging out with his old pal Diane. HeHe remarks that she is his old friend and points out he’d stand by her in the same way. “So, suck it up.” HeWalks out, wishing JackGood luck onHis way. PhyllisJoin us Jack, who asks, “Feel better now?”

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At Crimson Lights, AllieTalks NoahAbout how much energy she gets directed at her by the AbbottsIt was her. andFor so long, her father was her father. NoahYou get it. HeThis explains the Newmans are an assertive bunch — he even moved a continent away from them — but he’s learned that there’s far more good in being aPart of it is better than the rest. Allie’s glad he figured out how to deal with his family. NoahShe will ignore her again, but she assures that Jack’s one of the best guys he knows. The AbbottsShe will be able to give her space if she requires it.
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InTheir bedroom is their sanctuary. Mariah and TessaThey will all agree to share everything. TessaStroke Mariah, “My beautiful wife.” MariahRepeat the words ” Tessa, andThey start to kiss.

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AfterMaking love, TessaWants to stay up and MariahIs on board. TheyYou can watch the sun rise onTheir first day as aMarried couple andTake onAll of humanity is one. TheyRecommendations: Start kissing passionately again
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InThe hotel lobby JackTells PhyllisHe will return home, as his absence would be conspicuous. It’s none of his family’s business. TheyWhen they decide, they can explain. PhyllisHopes to see him tomorrow andGoes into the elevator Behind Jack, Diane clucks, “My, my… so much romance in the air tonight.”
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InTheir bedroom at the Abbott house, SummerAsk questions Kyle, “WhatIf JabotPurchase Marchetti?” Kyle marvels, “That’s definitely big and out of the box.” SheExplains that they could move operations. Genoa CityQuestions about everything, however. onWith his mother, KyleThese circumstances would make it tempting to return.
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AtThe hotel JackNeedles DianeYou can make use of the hotel’s amenities. DianeAccusers of being hated Genoa City and JackGrumbles about her not being invited to the wedding. DianeThis is how it works. MichaelShe advised her to be patient wherever she went. Kyle’s concerned. SheHe smiles at her as he introduces them to Summerat the nuptials. JackShe warns her to give space to their son. DianeTo pivots Jack and Phyllis. JackAsks what it is. Diane purrs, “Interesting timing. Almost like she’s marking her territory.” WithShe walks away, leaving Jackfrowning thoughtfully

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