Is Young & Restless About to Reunite Victoria and Ashland? Plus, Diane’s Pointless Grilling and Tessa’s Wedding Crisis

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Young & RestlessBeatitudes toTake a look at the intensity levels that it managed to hit surrounding Ashland’s showdown with the Newmans and Rey’s death… things are definitely getting boring again. The long scenes of dialogue often boast some impressive acting, but don’t always drive the plot forward… and I’m not sure what I even want it to drive forward *to* at this point. WeNeed stories toBuild anticipation toIf you don’t have something to invest in, why would you?

Unpopular Opinion?

Diane’s return has been a bit of a bust for me. Why did we get excited for her toCome back? Because she’s a villainess. But not only has she not stirred any pots, there’s not even a hint that she is biding her time toPlace her spoon in any. We spent almost an entire episode on the “grilling” of DianeBy the Abbotts that didn’t reveal any new information, andWhich left KyleIn exactly the same place decision-wise as he was in when he started. ItIt was entertaining toSee more Diane encounter different people and knock their proverbial socks off, but aside from that, this story needs a little — okay a lotta — something, something.

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Saying Goodbye

I was kinda shocked that they showed me the before andAfter of Rey’s memorial, but not the event itself. A little odd. In any case, I think they’re doing a terrific job with Sharon’s grieving process, andThat made me happy. ChelseaWe resisted the temptation to ask toInclude. ThereWas there more chemistry between them? and ReyRecent story between him and her was more interesting than ever and SharonIt was so fitting for viewers toYou will be able toYou can see her sadness, perhaps as an expression of sorrow for the soapy love story that was.

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Do Better

The WintersMy family storyline leaves me constantly shaking my head. I still can’t get over DevonAccepting this merger is not enough. toTake his name out of the company name. Chancellor-Winters. The “intrigue” surrounding the launch is that Devon’s feeling shy about stepping up toA microphone. IfOnly Billy did! Every time he shows up in that podcast set there’s a collective groan from the viewers. In developing “drama”, everyone’s worried that Billy feels left out because it’s not hIt is family’s business — except that it isBecause Chancellor is his mother’s company!

They’ve put Nate, a surgeon, into a high-level marketing position (which we can live with; it’s a soap), but attempts toMake a love triangle and play up his romantic life have left many — but not all — viewers wanting more (see tweets below). I’m hoping things will get messy so as toGive these actors a chance to shine.

Running OutOf Options

WhileThe plot to get Ashland and VictoriaBack together is a bit mamby-pamby if you are like Adam and SallyIt could actually work because they’re clearly still in love. AsYou could also get a bonus by sending it. VictorThrough the roof. I had a good time with it. VictorHiring Michael to run Ashlandout of town. I mean, where else are they going? toDo toThe guy?? As AshlandNoted to NickThe amusing scene shows NickDid his caveman routine work? and Ashland told him he wasn’t intimidated by him, Everything they’ve tried so far hasn’t worked. I truly enjoy the back and forth between Locke andThe Newmans, but I’m ready for something unexpected to happen. I Thought an unlikely “frenemies” situation might develop between Victoria and SallyIt was, but it was over.

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Wedding Crisis

SpeakingUnexpected twists can happen Young & RestlessSpoilers tell us that TessaWill deal with an unexpected emergency on her wedding. ThereUnexpected guests may also be a surprise guest It all sounds dramatic — especially with all the foreshadow-y talk between Crystal and Tessa about their awful childhood — but I’m going toYou can wager that Tessa’s crisis will be something manageable like a blown seam on her dress, andYou might be surprised to find a harmless guest like Allie. Why? BecauseThis soap is now available to have forgotten the importance of the “drama” portion of “daytime drama”.

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