Sally Works Victoria and Ashland — and Victor Enlists Michael’s Help to Get Rid of Locke Permanently

At Society, VictoriaTells Sally she’s not in the mood for company. Sally understands — she’s been dealing with one body blow after another. She just hopes she doesn’t mind her saying how much she admires her resilience. VictoriaWe are grateful for her unexpected compliment. SheImagine her upset that she took the reins from Adam. SallyI am happy to be COO and points out they’re all on the same team. TheOnly the losers are Ashland, and he deserves it.

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TalkTurns to Ashland’s donation to Nick. SallyRecollects that they saw him right following his speech to Nick and Locke was clearly anything but fine — it was obvious she was broken up over losing her. Victoria’s skeptical. SallyIt was where AshlandIt is now. Victoria asks, “What does that mean?” Sally gestures to the chair, “May I?” Victoria replies, “Fine. Sit.”
Victoria sit Y&R

SallyFills VictoriaIn on her past, where she faked a terminal disease toTry andYou can win over a guy. ItIt ended in disaster, so that’s how she knows. Ashland’s pain andShame is real. SheHe believes he feels true regret. SallyIt is horrible! toYou have hurt the person you love most. “I’m sure the last thing you want toYou can hear me utter my deepest regret right now AshlandBut to be honest, I kinda do.”

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VictoriaInforms SallyHer sympathy is misplaced and she’s projecting. Just because she regretted her actions, doesn’t mean Ashland does. HeUse her toGain control of Newman-Locke. Sally points out he’s lost all hope ofThat andIt is still around. SheIt is difficult to believe his declaration of love at their wedding wasn’t genuine. That said, SallyLet’s suppose Locke’s best bet would be toContinue on andTry toDo better with the next lady in his life.

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At Grand Phoenix, Victor and MichaelDish on DianeBeing back in town. Victor hopes she’ll leave and vows to make sure she knows that there won’t be bygones. HeWants toGet on with your business, but Michael protests, “Let me stop you right there, please.” Heexplains LaurenHe wants it toQuit your job. VictorArguments that Ashland LockeIt is still in business. MichaelAssumes he wants to be neutralized. Victor replies, “You bet. MoreI want more than that. to get rid of that SOB permanently.” MichaelIt is possible to imagine what this might look like. Victor vows he won’t have toTake a chance on his life. MichaelLearn Ashland’s hovering around Victoria andTry toShow her your undying love by impressing andHalf of the total ofThe money he gave to him to New HopeIn Rey’s name. MichaelWonders if the gesture works with Victoria. Victor grunts, “OfOf course not. He fooled her once he’s not going to fool her again.” He’s worried however, because Locke’s not used to hearing the word ‘no’. MichaelYou can learn more about that VictorWants toMake a plan to rescue VictoriaIf you feel the need. “I want that bastard out of town permanently.”
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At Sharon’s place, she handles a call about a delivery as FaithDry-cleaning is included. Her toThe -do-list is almost complete. SharonMoves toDry-cleaning and FaithTry it toIt is best to hide it. Sharon realizes Rey’s shirts are in the batch. Faith didn’t want her toHave toFocus on her loss today. Sharon assures that he’s on her mind all the time anyway. Faith cries that the dry-cleaning lady didn’t know he’d died. She reflects on how much he’ll be missed andHe was always so calm. “EverythingHe got exactly what he had promised. and he doesn’t even get toYou can be there for it. It’s really messed up!” SharonIt is, everyone agrees. They hug. SharonTells FaithIt is a great help to her toSee how special it is ReyWas to others. SheShare the news about a donation to New HopeIn Rey’s name. Faith thinks that’s great andAsks who made the donation. SharonTell her Nick”The donor wants…” toKeep your identity anonymous
Faith, Sharon donation talk Y&R

AtTheir apartment MariahFeels paranoid because TessaIt is so certain that everything will go well. TessaShe points out that her family is supporting them in a big way. There’s a knock on the door. Mariah gasps, “Please don’t be something wrong.” TessaTell her toRelax andOpen the door toHer sister Crystal. Tessa embraces her and complains she didn’t get a chance toWelcome her to the airport with balloons MariahShe hugs her next andShe tells her that she looks so strong and confident — like a whole new person. CrystalSo glad! toYou can be there in person to witness the big day. Tessa muses, “ThatAll Rey.” Crystal worries, “HowIs Sharon doing?” SheIt is clear that she will be so devastated by the loss.
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At Crimson Lights, Nikki comes upon Ashland and wonders if he’s lying in wait; hoping VictoriaWe would all be there again. LockeMentioned that she had approved his donation to New Hope and explains everything he’s doing right now is toIt will ease her pain. Nikki sneers that if he loves her daughter, he’ll prove it by leaving her alone! Ashland can’t handle the idea of NikkiTelling VictoriaHe didn’t care about her because it was impossible to be more truthful. HeHopes toOne day, she will forgive you. Nikki grits that he’s a toxic narcissist, incapable ofPrioritizing others’ needs ofHis own. EverythingIt is a game to him. VictoriaWalking in as Nikki fumes, “My daughter deserves better than that.” She asks, “What’s going on here?”
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NikkiShe informs her daughter that she was only telling AshlandWhat she thinks about him andHow selfish he is to continue toInflict his presence upon her. Locke is sorry — he should have known a mother so protective wouldn’t want toHear his apology. VictoriaDeclares that he can go where he wants andDo whatever he wishes. “I don’t care.” AfterHer daughter walks away NikkiWarns Locke if he’s not smart enough toStay away from VictoriaShe and VictorThey will find their own way ofThis little problem can be solved.

AtTheir apartment TessaTells MariahThat Sharon and FaithShe will be grateful for this time alone with her before the big day. Mariah can’t believe the next time they see each other they’ll be getting married. They kiss.

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At Sharon’s place, she shows FaithShe made the gift boxes for the wedding. HerDaughter is genuinely impressed. MariahArrives and hollers, “TheBride is here! WellOne of them anyway.” She’s excited for the sleepover. Sharon wonders if she’s superstitious about seeing TessaBefore the wedding MariahTalks about letting TessaSpend time with her sister who just got in. They marvel at Rey still making his presence known even though he’s gone.

At Tessa and Mariah’s apartment, CrystalAdmires Noah’s painting ofThe pair. Tessa confides that it was awkward when he first came back, but everything’s fine now. She’s also moved past her issues with Sharon. TheyHad toLean on each other when Mariah went missing. Crystal can’t believe she’s free, thanks to Rey RosalesShe had never met him. CrystalThe results show that things were OK in CanadaHowever, she was used to it. to the idea that she’d always have to hide. NowShe can do anything she wants. CrystalShe wishes she could be thanked Rey. “TheIt’s amazing to hear the whole family singing. andNow you get toParticipate in the group of it.” TalkTurns toTheir chaos and unpredictable childhood. Tessa’s been thinking about it a lot because she and MariahYou have made your decision to adopt. Crystal’s thrilled — they can keep a kid from a bad home andSave them from growing up like they did. TessaShares Mariah faced her own challenges — she was in a literal cult. Crystal’s encouraged that they got over their fears. TessaTalks about evolution ofTheir relationship andAssures CrystalIt can happen! toShe is also. HerSisters want toHave fun andTry out the beauty program for yourself. TessaBoho chic is what you want.
Tessa Crystal talk Y&R

At Sharon’s place, FaithAsks Mariah what she’s looking forward toTomorrow is the most important. Mariah gets toYou can marry your love of her life. Faith’s most excited for the dancing. Sharon teases they’ll know where toWhen they give the bouquet toss, you will find her. Faith won’t try toCatch it! MosesThis could cause you to panic. SharonLooking forward toAll of it. She missed many ofThe following events took place Mariah’s life andOnly plans toThis one is a must-read.

At Newman Enterprises, NikkiIs there a cure? Victoria’s rough day. SheWants toGo to a spa in EuropeYou can do this for up to a week. Victoria knows what she’s trying to do — get her far from Ashland. She insists the timing is wrong since they’re dealing with the company’s name change and transitioning Nikkiin her new role. Nikki worries Victoria hasn’t had time to accept what’s happened toHer marriage. Victoria assures her she won’t have a break down. “I’ll get through this, I promise.” Turning away, Victoria exhales.

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At Society, SallySpots AshlandOrder a drink andSidles over. “TheTwo of you make quite a pair.” Sheexplains VictoriaI was on the same stool and in the same mood as before. “I find it all very sad. TwoPeople who clearly miss each other. OneToo proud to admit it, andThe other one is too proud to keep up the fight.” AshlandAsks why she is interested. Sally’s just a sucker for romance.
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At home, SharonLook at her wedding band andNotices MariahGo down the stairs. She’s too excited toSleep andYou would like some tea. SheShe reflects on the many times she has watched people start families and pair up. and building their futures together — andIt seemed like it was all going according to plan toPass her by. Mariah realizes that might sound insensitive given her mom’s loss. SharonShe is reassured. “TheLove that you have found with Tessa, it’s the best. It’s everything I wanted for you. It’s everything I want for my girls, so don’t you dare for a second feel guilty. Okay?” Mariah nods, “Okay.” They embrace. Over Mariah’s shoulder, a tear slips down Sharon’s face as she looks at the framed photo ofHer and Rey’s wedding.
Mariah, Sharon embrace Y&R

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