Yu-Gi-Oh! Master Duel Fusion Festival event guide (May 2022) – How it works, Medals, and more

Since Yu-Gi-Oh! Master Duel launched in early 2022, Konami has run numerous particular Exhibition occasions. Each event has centered round a sure sort of card. On May 12, a brand new Yu-Gi-Oh! Master Duel Exhibition event will go stay: the Fusion Festival.

So, how does this event work, and what do you have to preserve an eye fixed out for? Let’s have a look.

How it works

Synchro Festival Exhibition matches yield Medals. Players will earn Medals only for finishing duels, although Wins do award more Medals than Losses. Users who use their very own decks and win will obtain 500 Medals per victory, and 50 for every loss. Should you employ one of many three loaner decks supplied by Konami, these totals will probably be lower down. Medals will probably be essential for the awards portion of this event.

We ought to word that every one Synchro, Xyz, and Link Monsters are banned for this match. This additionally contains the extremely highly effective Predaplant Verte Anaconda, which does assist with summoning Fusion Monsters from the Extra Deck. Additionally, playing cards like Artifact Scythe and Dogmatika Ecclessia, the Virtuous are additionally banned for this event. Eldlich the Golden Lord decks will be capable to operate on this event, however just one copy will probably be allowed in a deck.


Throughout the event, customers will be capable to unlock new rewards primarily based on the variety of cumulative Medals obtained in the course of the event. Here’s a take a look at the rewards listing:

  • 50 Medals: 50 Gems
  • 100 Medals: 50 Gems
  • 500 Medals: 200 Gems
  • 1000 Medals: 200 Gems
  • 1500 Medals: 200 Gems
  • 2000 Medals: 100 Gems
  • 2500 Medals: 50 Gems
  • 3000 Medals: 50 Gems
  • 3500 Medals: 200 Gems
  • 4000 Medals: 50 Gems
  • 4500 Medals: 50 Gems
  • 5000 Medals: 300 Gems
  • 5500 Medals: Instant Fusion Mate
  • 6000 Medals: 50 Gems
  • 7000 Medals: 50 Gems
  • 8000 Medals: 300 Gems
  • 9000 Medals: 50 Gems
  • 10000 Medals: 50 Gems
  • 11000 Medals: 300 Gems
  • 12000-21000 Medals: x2 Fusion Reward tickets for each 1000 Points awarded
  • 22000 Medals: Fusion Festival 2022 Title

The primary reward format seems just like the one from the N/R and Synchro Festivals from prior months. The new additions to the listing are a brand new Mate and a particular Title that may be added to your Master Duel profile. The title may be earned at 22,000 Medals earned.

What would be the hottest decks?

Expect to see HERO decks utilized in for the Fusion event. Konami has added a HERO-themed Loaner deck for this event. Plus, the HERO archetype is kind of standard, so anticipate it to see some run.

Cyber Dragons, Thunder Dragons, and an Invoker/Shaddoll mashup are amongst among the different decks that can more than likely see some play in Master Duel’s Fusion Festival event.

This event will finish on May 23.

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